Druzy Agate it well known for its healing properties. It has physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties. Stress relief, peace, love, intuition and strengthening of the spirit are its best known healing properties. 


Love essential oils? Wish you could diffuse them wherever you are all day long? Well now you can! Drip one to two drops of your favorite essential oil on the lava rock and it will naturally diffuse it! 


Elastic Bracelet 


All bracelets are made to the average size of womens wrist. If you would like one to be made to your wrist size specifically then please send us a message before purchasing! We will fulfill requests based on availability. 

Multicolored Druzy Agate with Lava Rock

  • Clean with a soft cloth or polishing cloth. Water, bleach, and jewelry cleaners are to be avoided. 

    Avoid the 5 S's 

    • Sleep - Never sleep with your jewelry on. It can become twisted, snagged or broken. 
    • Shower - You don't want to necessarily submerge your jewelry in water. Avoid contact with hair care products and body wash. 
    • Swim - Remove your jewelry before you take a dip. 
    • Spray - Avoid sprays such as perfume or hairspray. A good rule of thumb is to put on your jewelry last.
    • Sweat - Do not exercise with your jewelry on.