• Adjustable 
  • 8.5in with a 1.5in extender 
  • Made to fit the average range of womens ankles 

Pearl Anklet

  • Our jewelry is low maintenance but here are some tips to make it last longer and look brand new:


    • To avoid scratching, store your jewelry seperately
    • Using a jewelry cloth or microfiber cloth wipe away the dirt and oil build up. This can change the apperance if not cleaned properly. 


    • Avoid the 5 S's:
      • Shower - While a little water will not harm your jewelry, over time it will lead to tarnishing. 
      • Swim - The chlorine in pools can damage your jewelry. 
      • Sweat - Take off your jewelry before sport games or at the gym. Excessive sweating can cause tarnishing over time. 
      • Sleep - Take off all jewelry before bed, especially the delicate peices. 
      • Spray - The chemicals is lotions, perfumes, and hairspray can contribute to fading.